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Founded in 1888, Northern Abstract & Title Agency serve clients in Alpena, MI and surrounding areas. As the only locally owned title agency, we are committed to reliable, comprehensive title and escrow services. We serve both residential and commercial clients. Our staff and title agents maintain the highest standards and core values to ensure every transaction is completed safely and efficiently. In addition, we seek to eliminate risk before insuring, which provides our clients with the best possible chance of avoiding land title problems. We are proud to work with lenders, buyers and sellers, and realtors throughout the area.

What is Title Insurance?

When you sell a home, you are really selling the title to the property, which is the right to occupy and use the space. Title insurance protects against loss of value from hazards and defects that may exist in a contested title, such as fraud, forged signatures on deeds, unknown property heirs, liens and documentation errors. It protects the rights of new and existing homeowners from unforeseen circumstances that may cause loss or damage. There are two types of title insurance policies:

  • Owner’s Policy

    An Owner’s Policy protects the homebuyer. It is the best way to protect your property rights, as well as your trustees, inheritors, and beneficiaries.

    For a one-time fee, an Owner’s Policy provides assurance that the home you’re buying is protected from any title problems now and as long as you or your heirs own the home. It isn’t something you should have to think about. It’s simply something you should have … so you can think about what’s really important — enjoying your home.

  • Lender’s Policy

    A Lender’s Policy is required by the homebuyer’s lender and protects only the lender’s interests. A lender’s policy lasts until the mortgage is paid in full.

It is important to have a clear title when buying a home. When you obtain a loan to buy your home, your lender will require that you purchase a Loan Policy of Title Insurance. While this protects the lender’s investment, it does not provide protection for you or your investment. It is important to talk to your real estate agent, lender, or attorney about an Owner’s Policy.

Why Should I Choose Northern Abstract & Title Agency?

As the Seller or Buyer in your transaction, you have the right to choose which title insurance agency takes care of your closing. Northern Abstract & Title Agency is independently owned and operated and has served Alpena and surrounding communities for almost 130 years. Our primary staff has over 70 years of combined experience, and is committed to customer satisfaction.

Our agency offers thorough, comprehensive research of the title to your property. Our examination of the ownership record of the property and review of real property tax records provides an assurance to the purchaser as to the ownership status of the real estate property involved in the transaction. We are able to provide this in an unmatched, quick-turnaround time. We can then handle your entire closing transaction from start to finish, with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism.

We handle the entire closing transaction from start to finish, with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism. | Download Title Insurance Application

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